The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services released a new proposal on Monday July 17th that would expand access to Alzheimer’s disease-related PET scans. Currently, there is a limited coverage of “once-per-lifetime” for patients within clinical studies. The proposal would remove this restriction and permit the local Medicare Administrative Contractors to determine the Medicare coverage.

This proposal comes on the heels of a new Alzheimer’s treatment, Leqembi, which received traditional approval by the FDA on July 6th.   “Today’s announcement about Medicare coverage of amyloid PET scans fulfills CMS’ commitment to allow broader coverage of this diagnostic test,” Administrator Chiquita Brooks-LaSure said in a statement. “We know there is significant interest in the medical community about new treatments that may be effective in slowing the development of Alzheimer’s disease. PET scans are an important part of diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, and this decision is an important part of CMS’ mission to help improve the lives of Americans we serve.”


Advocate’s Regulatory Affairs Team