As everyone knows by now, the impact of COVID-19 has been truly unprecedented in our industry.

When each outpatient center determines the appropriate time to re-open, reassuring patients of the preparation and new policies in place for their protection is extremely important in regaining their confidence.

Below are excellent examples of how this can be accomplished in an appropriate, considerate and professional manner.

This Information could also be disseminated via hard copy and/or on the imaging center website.

Another consideration is to proactively mail/email all scheduled patients ahead of time and provide this information.

Knowledge is king in this environment and informing patients of the steps taken to protect them is crucial to regaining their confidence and re-establishing volumes.

Real world examples

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Click Here   (note: this was posted on the imaging center’s Facebook site)

Industry specific reopening guidelines



As always, ADVOCATE strives to keep you up to date on the changes impacting your business during these unprecedented times.

Kirk Reinitz