Producing the Lowest Denial Rate in the Industry.

ADVOCATE provides a broad range of managed billing services, to practices like yours, nationwide. We’ve used our decades of experience and insights to develop the most evolved claims processing infrastructure available today. What differentiates us is our tight control and management of the billing process. The result is the ability to achieve and surpass client expectations.

Our seasoned staff of professionals offers a diverse range of talent to deliver the exemplary support clients should expect. This means quick reaction to market conditions, efficient decision making and a hands-on approach to the reimbursement process and customer relations.

Let us make a difference in your practice:

  • Radiology
  • Interventional Radiology
  • Office Based Labs (OBL)
  • Radiation Oncology
  • Anesthesia
  • Dermatology
  • Pathology
  • Orthopedics
  • Other Surgical Specialties

Read below to learn the different services and technologies that we offer to our partners to help advance their billing and operational processes.


ADVOCATE’s entire management structure is designed to provide accurate, timely and consistent feedback between ADVOCATE and our clients. We have made it our business to understand our clients’ business needs. Diagnostic Revenue Analysis tracks performance from every angle to ensure revenue maximization.



ADVOCATE’s computerized payment compliance software has been engineered to verify payers are paying the contracted amount. Our system compares the actual amount paid to the contracted rate to verify the accuracy of every payment. Our Fee Compliance system identifies and reports all underpaid claims.



Our proprietary Dual Code Technology provides the highest level of coding accuracy. Computer assisted coding technology and sub-specialized certified coders assign CPT and diagnosis codes for each procedure using the Dual Code Technology. This process not only provides the most accurate coding but also reduces denials through proper modifier application that cannot be accomplished with alternative coding methods.



ADVOCATE’s real time claims tracking module ensures claims are followed up on for maximum collection efforts as soon as the claim is delinquent, as opposed to predetermined generalized time frames. In other words, based on statistical determination by individual payor, our system determines the fastest time each payor processes claims. If any claim in the system is unpaid after the optimal number of days determined, the account follow up process begins immediately.


ADVOCATE’s computerized charge count verification software has been engineered to verify that every exam that is read by a radiologist is billed. Our custom Exam Capture Verification software uses source data to verify the charge capture is 100% complete. The Exam Capture Verification system compares our billing system with the hospital RIS system to confirm every exam read has been billed.



To start the billing process, state-of-the-art claim purification software allows our digital processing systems to transfer and improve data from the site of service before it enters our customized billing system. Our claims preparation & purification process improves data quality and eliminates workflow fluctuations. All this results in cleaner data and the fastest revenue for our clients.


DRS - Denial Reduction System

Our Denial Management software was one of the first in the industry and remains the leader. Our denial management software applies exact and consistent procedures to produce a quality control process that allows us to thoroughly inspect every denied claim, determine why it was denied, stop the recurring denial process and obtain payment. Denial Management software reduces first-time claim denials by 50%-60%.

New Challenges. New Solutions.

Rapid Innovation Has Restructured the Value Chain of Revenue Cycle Payments.

The US healthcare payment system processes $1.9 trillion dollars a year and is constantly being transformed – even though many in the industry are unaware and unprepared for the transformations to come. The antiquated business-to-business systems and philosophy used by most radiology practices and billing companies is outdated, inefficient and ineffective.

In recent years, new healthcare legislation and other economic impacts led to a significant rise in consumer-directed medical expenditures. The revenue stream for practices had changed. And while the new patient class – referred to as “Patient Responsibility” – was willing to pay their bills, it was crucial that they be given easy, fast and flexible ways to pay.

At ADVOCATE, we re-tooled our systems to address the issue. Our patient portal allowed patients web access to their statements. We hosted client-specific websites and redesigned our phone systems to accommodate credit card payments. And the results were impressive – with credit card collections rising 300%.

Changes in the healthcare billing landscape are always on the horizon. With ADVOCATE – you can be sure that your revenue never gets left behind.