Anesthesiology Practices

Advocate Anesthesiology

ADVOCATE's first work in the anesthesiology field was more than two decades ago. That experience has given us an appreciation for the unique challenges facing anesthesiologists, both in terms of the complexity with reimbursement and their relationships with surgeons and other practitioners. It also allows us to provide an extraordinary level of analysis and support, including:

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"The transition to ADVOCATE was seamless and we did not experience any delay in processing or collections. In addition, they have been extremely helpful in keeping us updated with the ever-changing CMS performance measure requirements.

"We chose ADVOCATE as a partner due to their billing and compliance expertise as well as their depth in overall industry knowledge. Response time to questions and requests is fast, and the staff is always pleasant and willing to help. ADVOCATE pursues the AR as efficiently and as effectively as we did ourselves and we are very pleased. Secondary insurance is pursued as strongly as primary and we have seen steady collection percentages. The billing and collection information is very transparent and detailed in our monthly reporting."

Brandi Kondracke, CEO, CAI Columbus, Ohio