Orthopedics Practices

Advocate Orthopedics

The complexity of orthopedic procedures and the rapid pace of change within the specialty make it increasingly challenging for practitioners to ensure that each patient encounter is coded properly and billed correctly. ADVOCATE's expertise in working with orthopedic practices minimizes the potential for miscoding or submitting claims that payers are likely to disallow, so practices receive accurate reimbursement more promptly. Other benefits include:

Orthopedic specialty illustration

“I contacted ADVOCATE the day before Thanksgiving 2013 and they organized a meeting for the day after Thanksgiving. What more can I say? A company willing to meet me over the holiday weekend and problem-solve my corporate needs was all I needed. It simply demonstrated commitment and partnership. These two qualities continue to remain consistent today.

"Within a few weeks, ADVOCATE evaluated our practice, educated our staff and began our medical billing. If that wasn’t enough, they helped identified an interim administrator that promoted the continued evolution of HMA.

"Although I have developed many great relationships over the past 20 years, ADVOCATE has repeatedly demonstrated the following qualities I find to be unique: partnership, integrity, available, and open-minded. Seven years ago this relationship began. The integrity and service continues to be outstanding. We appreciate all that ADVOCATE offers to help our organization succeed and look forward to many more productive years.”