Simplifying the Information Delivery Process.

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AIMS 3.0

AIMS is an end-to-end business intelligence (BI) solution that delivers business information value to your practice. We provide you with a robust data integration tool, a number of powerful analytical and reporting components and a web portal for disseminating information to management. Alerting services and highly customizable data access control and encryption are all standard functionality.


Results That Are Easy to See.

Our BI offers visual, graphical and design enhancements to streamline development of performance dashboards, scorecards, key performance indicators and actionable reports. Providing users with secure intelligence is a critical step to positively impacting operational performance measures.

Timely Access to Important Data

AIMS ensures that users are given timely, web-based access to business-critical metrics in a format that is meaningful to their business. The dashboard capabilities assist practices by identifying, defining, and developing metrics that meet project and organizational information requirements. This process ensures users are able to interact with the appropriate data to make fact-based decisions.

In addition to customizable reporting, AIMS offers a broad selection of customizable report templates for all user capability levels. Over a dozen chart and plot styles can be incorporated into reports to deliver maximum visual impact. Filtering, sorting, grouping and forecasting functionality are all supported directly from the reporting interface.

Get Reports in Multiple Formats.

The AIMS Solution is tightly integrated with Microsoft Office applications and can export data in several different formats, including HTML, XML and Adobe PDF files. Based on security settings, external users can also access Diver reports.