Service That’s Unmatched in the Industry.

Our managers and software engineers use industry experience, modeling software and full-scale models to analyze every feature of the billing process from every aspect.

12.7% of radiology revenue
is being lost without Advocate's system

Business Intelligence

Integrated Service. Improved Billing.

ADVOCATE offers physicians a fully integrated billing service that maximizes the revenue cycle of their practice and provides unmatched business information. The ADVOCATE client service team works closely with clients to develop business relationships. We offer a truly complete, integrated approach to business issues that combines insight and innovation from multiple disciplines with a wide range of business and industry knowledge to help our clients excel.

These parts work in perfect unison to turn source billing data into more revenue for your practice. Our Experience Based Technology remains unmatched and its fully-integrated billing service is light years ahead of the competition in terms of reliability and innovation.

The ADVOCATE Advantage

We could bill the way other billers do, but we never will. Our standards demand a higher level of precision. That’s why we continue to invest in new technology that allows us to produce consistently superior revenue results.

Complex Challenges Call for Smarter Solutions.

Radiology billing & reimbursement has evolved into a complex system of hard-to-follow governmental and private payor reimbursement policies with a complicated coding structure, excessive insurance denials and claim under payments. Other billing companies attempt to combat these aggressive efforts to reduce your income using outdated technology and simplistic management techniques with little or no feedback to physicians. It’s no wonder 12.7% of total revenue rightfully due to radiologists is consistently lost without the benefits of the ADVOCATE system.

So how do you manage the billing process?

How do you maximize your revenue stream?

ADVOCATE is the answer – Our Experience Based Technology suite of software will maximize revenue for your practice.