The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has officially opened the data submission period for Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) eligible clinicians who participated in Year 2 (2018) of the Quality Payment Program. With the exceptions noted in the paragraph below, data can be submitted and updated any time from January 2, 2019 to April 2, 2019.

Note that CMS Web Interface users need to report their Quality performance category data between January 22 and March 22, 2019.  This generally applies to groups qualifying as a MIPS APM due to participation in an Accountable Care Organization/Alternative Payment Model.

How to Submit Your 2018 MIPS Data

  2. Log-in using your QPP access credentials (see below for details)
  3. Submit your MIPS data for Year 2 (2018)

In preparation for the reporting year deadline, CMS has moved to streamline their systems.  For those participating in the QPP Merit-Based Incentive Payment System Program (MIPS) or are a representative of an Alternative Payment Model (APM) that reports data to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) through the QPP WEBSITE (such as a Medicare Shared Savings Program Accountable Care Organization (ACO)), you can sign in to the QPP WEBSITE to view, submit, and manage your data.  For ADVOCATE clients this generally pertains to the Improvement Activity performance category attestations.  As of December 19, 2018, CMS has updated and streamlined their systems.

CMS has transitioned the system used to create identity management accounts and request access to the QPP website from the EIDM System to the HCQIS Access Roles and Profile System (HARP), with all users now able to manage access to the organizations they represent for reporting quality data and viewing their MIPS feedback directly through the QPP website.

If you already have an EIDM account with an established role for QPP, you’ll automatically be transitioned to HARP. You don’t need to take any additional action. You’ll use your existing EIDM user ID and password to sign in to the QPP website, and you’ll have access to the same organization(s).  You also will have the ability to manage your user ID, password and access to organizations through the QPP website, instead of EIDM.  For more information on this process, refer to the Connect to an Organization guide in the QPP ACCESS USER GUIDE (zip).

If you currently have a Security Official role for your organization(s), you’ll now approve requests by signing in to the QPP website, instead of through the CMS ENTERPRISE PORTAL. This will allow security officials to manage all QPP activities through one, easy-to-use portal.  Like staff users, Security Officials can use their existing EIDM user ID and password to sign in to the QPP website—you don’t need to create a new account!  Learn more about the steps a Security Official needs to take to approve requests through the QPP website in the Security Officials: Manage Access guide in the QPP Access User Guide.

As always, ADVOCATE will keep you up to date on this and all issues impacting radiology as they become available.

Lauren Sloan, MHA, RD, LD
Director of Regulatory Affairs