Jennifer Bash, RHIA, CIRCC, RCCIR, CPC, RCC, CANPC will be presenting this webinar through the Radiology Business Management Association (RBMA) as part of their Spring Forward Coding Series.

Understanding the anatomy and basic coding concepts of neurointerventional angiography is an essential skill for any interventional coder. In this session, we will cover anatomy, catheter selectivity, diagnostic imaging, and specific coding guidelines for the cervicocerebral vasculature, which is a foundational building block for more complex neurointerventional coding.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the clinical indications for cervicocerebral IR procedures
  • Gain knowledge of the cervicocerebral vascular anatomy and territories for coding purposes
  • Recognize different types of procedures, catheter selectivity and apply various coding guidelines for case studies

Spring Forward Coding Series 2024

RBMA’s Spring Forward Coding Series offers an array of educational webinars crafted to elevate your coding proficiency in interventional radiology. Regardless of whether you’re starting out or seeking to polish your mastery, this series offers valuable wisdom and hands-on advice from seasoned professionals. Dig in to the complexities of neurointerventional and embolization procedures coding, emerging with heightened expertise and a deeper comprehension of this intricate field.