Meet Our Team.

At ADVOCATE, we use teams to deliver high-performance results and high-performance client engagement. Our management team consists of seasoned professionals who lead the company toward the challenges of tomorrow. We place the best interests of clients ahead of our individual interests. And we stand ready to provide assistance and support to one another at all times.

Our team philosophy is to encourage every employee to ask questions during team meetings, especially the "What-ifs?", and then seriously consider them. Discussing a variety of possible outcomes, however remote they may seem, gives your team the advantage of being prepared in advance for almost any situation they may encounter.

ADVOCATE is a friendly, enthusiastic and professional atmosphere. Our congenial, team-oriented approach to our business accentuates the positive and constructively encourages personal development. We seek individuals with the ability to be creative thinkers and planners who will develop into tomorrow’s leaders. And we have the people and technology to equip your practice with everything it needs to face future challenges.