Fewer Errors. Faster Reimbursement.

ADVOCATE has pioneered new process technologies that consistently maximize collections for the practicing radiologist. ADVOCATE’s management team continually re-evaluates the billing process for each client to monitor and improve data quality and reimbursement optimization. The result is cleaner data, less errors, and faster and higher client reimbursement.

24% increase in collections for our client, Radiology & Imaging Specialists of Lakeland

Adding Value to Your Practice.

Our clients benefit from superior management reporting on all aspects of their practice. The ADVOCATE system is designed to allow us to collect data in a manner that is easily aggregated, normalized and summarized into management reports for clients. For our clients, the value of this information translates into higher more consistent reimbursement, more favorable managed care contracting and information for accurate future business planning.

A Better Billing Process.

ADVOCATE pursues cutting-edge computer software applications and technology so that we can incorporate vital enhancements into the billing process. This allows our information technology team to constantly plan, test and evaluate all phases of the reimbursement process for your practice.